Using a mandrel when bending tubing is a common solution for many bending issues. For instance, mandrels help prevent springback. The tendency of metal to return to its original shape, springback, can be excessive when a mandrel is not used. Mandrels also prevent  flattening, wrinkles, and kinks when bending tubing.

CNC Right and Left Hand Tubing BenderBecause mandrel bending is so common and important, finding the right mandrel tubing bender for your specific requirements is essential. For instance, our Right and Left Hand CNC Benders offer maximum flexibility and minimal interference. Capable of both left and right bending in the same cycle, this machine has two speeds and early mandrel extraction.

Our NC Series tube benders, on the other hand, is an ideal semi-automated solution for small to medium productions. Easy to operate with high bending accuracy, this line serves a different set of needs.

When choosing a mandrel tubing bender there are a number of factors to consider. Often volume and type of tubing will help you narrow down your bender options.

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