From automotive exhausts to furniture to air conditioners, tube end forming is used in the creation of a wide range of products across varied industries.

TF-80-2-IO-tube-end-former.jpgEnd Forming Explained

End forming (also called end finishing) is a range of processes than can be done to change a tube’s shape. End forming can encompass everything from ram forming to flaring, expanding, reducing, IO sizing, and even beading.

Within such a wide range of processes, it is important to find the right machine for your particular application. Often, finding the right machine is a matter of balancing budget, flexibility, and capacity. The TF-80 series of tube end formers, for example, come in a variety of models to accommodate the various end forming techniques.


Designed to be a flexible end forming solution, the TF-80 end former series goes up to 82mm in size, incorporating hydraulic operation and touch screen control. Which type of TF-80 is best for you will depend on which end forming technique your application relies on.

The E Type TF-80 is designed for ram and vise forming. The IO Type is designed to support inside/outside forming, a highly accurate type of end forming. While the IOE Type TF-80 combines the flexibility and features of both the IO and E Types.

You can see the TF-80-E in action below!

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