DEF Series for Short Length Tube

Short Lengths Double Tube End Chamfering

Short lengths double tube end chamfering, with an optional BTM the machines offers complete automatic loading, and feeding.

  • Fully automatic chamfering system with two types of loading magazine
    • Rack – Sliding Magazine (standard)
    • BTM – Bundle loading magazine (optional)
  • External and internal chamfering with facing in one process for double sides of tube, with optional radius (round) chamfering
  • Working length can be as short as 25mm up to 300mm
  • Diameter ranges from 12mm – 85mm
  • Suitable for tube and solid bars and materials such as steel, stainless, copper and aluminum (with speed inverter)
  • Ability to I/O chamfer as deep as 15mm
  • Suitable for I/O chamfering, facing, centering, deep chamfering, and radius chamfering
  • Feeding system for the workpiece to ensure a smooth process throughout
  • Rigid tool seat designed for durability, with easily fixable tool bits for longer working life
  • Two-step chamfering process:
    • First speed – fast approach for saving time
    • Second speed – Infinitely adjustable chamfering speed for smooth finish
  • The length tolerance of each working piece can be controlled within +/-0.1mm through a cutting speed adjustment system

Machine Options

  • BTM – Bundle Loading Magazine
Model Number DEF-FA/60SS
Model Weight (lbs.) Rack Type: 2866
BTM Type: 3240
Rack Type: 2866
BTM Type: 3240
Model Dimensions (ft.) Rack Type: 7 x 7 x 5
BTM Type: 7 x 8.8 x 5
Rack Type: 7 x 7 x 5
BTM Type: 7 x 8.8 x 5
Working Length (mm) 25 – 300 25 – 300
Working Capacity
Mild Steel Tube
Mild Steel Solid Bar
ØØ12 – Ø60
Ø9 – Ø30 / Ø30 – Ø60 (**)
Ø25 – Ø85
ØØ25 – Ø40 / Ø40 – Ø85 (**)
Tube Wall Thickness 4 4
Bundle Loading Magazine
#12) Ø18 – Ø32
#13) Ø24 – Ø46
#14) Ø40 – Ø57
#15) Ø50 – Ø85
#12) Ø18 – Ø32
#13) Ø24 – Ø46
#14) Ø40 – Ø57
#15) Ø50 – Ø85
Pressurized Air

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