About Tube Form Solutions

In 1990 Universal Tooling was formed in Elkhart, IN. Their main focus was producing custom engineering and manufacturing of Bender Tooling, fixtures and gauges. After many years of continued growth and success, Universal Tooling was able to merge and partner with Eaton Leonard Tooling in 2006. Known as (ELT) this partnership gave the company over 48 years of combined experience in the design and manufacturer of custom Bender, End Form and Tube fabrication tooling for multiple markets globally.

In 2010 ELT saw another opportunity to better serve their customers by merging with Midwest Bender Services. In business since 2001 Midwest Bender services was a full service CNC Bender power house, specializing in servicing, rebuilding, retrofitting, upgrading and training for a wide range of CNC Bender and Tube fabrication machines. This merger created Tube Form Solutions making them a global leader and a total solution provider for the Tube and pipe bending and fabrication market.

Our Journey


Universal Tooling Formed


Merge with Eaton Leonard Tooling


Merge with Midwest Bender Services


Tube Form Solutions is born

Always wanting to provide the best solution for their customers, Tube Form Solutions quickly secured and became the sole North American distributor of the “World’s Largest Supplier” of CNC Benders and Tube Fabrication equipment. (SOCO MACHINERY CO. LTD.)

Tube Form Solutions is committed to providing high-quality products, innovative designs, and responses to customer and market needs. With two primary locations (Elkhart, IN and Vista, CA) fully staffed to design and build products for your applications, TFS also has full-time expert sales and service staff regionally located to best support you in the areas of machine service and training, the design of tooling and machinery, applications, and process.  

TFS Currently Supplies:

  • New Machinery (SOCO. VLB, HSG and TFS)
  • Tube and Pipe Benders
  • Tube End Formers
  • Tube Saws
  • Tube Punching
  • Tube Chamfering and End Finishing 
  • Used Machines (All types and brands)
  • Spare Parts (Our machines and Competitors)
  • Machine rebuilds, retrofits, and upgrades (All types and brands)
  • Standard, Custom, or Complex Tooling

TFS Services:

  • Machine service and training (All types and brands)
  • Complete Turn-Key Projects
  • On-site Tooling Evaluations
  • On-site applications and process evaluation
  • Quality, Innovation, and competitive pricing

Tube Form Solutions has developed new and improved designs of machinery and tooling. Our concepts and designs are derived from our passion to be innovative and our customers need to have cost-effective and reliable solutions to their production needs.

Tube Form Solutions has added the staff and experience required to continue the innovation and designs our customers and markets desire. Our goal is to provide solutions that give our customers peace of mind that we support their efforts to be successful.

We look forward to providing you with World Class Solutions to your everyday problems.

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