i2 Software Innovates

i2 Software Innovates

Explore SOCO Machinery's i2 CNC Tube Bender Software on our dedicated page. A game-changer in tube bending technology, the i2 software seamlessly merges intuitive design with unparalleled precision. Tailored for modern manufacturing needs, it offers users an enhanced experience, driving efficiency and accuracy in every bend. Delve into in-depth features, user reviews, and expert insights about how the i2 software can revolutionize your tube bending processes. With SOCO's legacy in machinery excellence, their i2 software stands as a testament to innovation. Dive into the future of tube bending with the i2 – where technology meets craftsmanship.

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SOCO’s i2 CNC Controls: Tube Benders

The Most Powerful + User Friendly
Tube Bender Software in the World

SOCO’s i2 CNC Controls is the most advanced and intuitive software in the tube bending industry. It offers an unparalleled platform for factory management, output production and parts development, as well as integration to measuring, automation and other SOCO manufacturing solutions. 

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