Automotive Tube Fabrication

Automotive tube fabrication applications often require difficult manipulation of thin walled materials, requiring a high degree of skill and precision to achieve.

From cranking fuel lines to interior components, automotive precision bending demands accuracy and repeatability to meet the high volume demands of automotive manufacturers. With complicated machinery, often exhaust components, required to continually evolve to fit into smaller and smaller spaces the demands of automotive bending are often a continuously moving target.

Our engineers excel at taking the complicated demands of the automotive industry and turning them into precise, repeatable processes ideal for high volume repeatability. To achieve the precise bends required, typically on small radius tubing with shrinking material thickness, we often employ a process called boost bending.

Boost bending is a process were we push material into the tools while the bend is being performed. This process helps ensure accurate bending without tube breakage. Vital to the bending of the types of tubing used in the automotive industry, boost bending plays a key part in the solutions we engineer for automotive applications.