Section Benders

Section Benders

The world of unmatched precision with VLB Group's advanced section benders. Engineered to perfection, our section benders are meticulously designed for intricate bends, ensuring flawless profiles every time. With VLB Group, experience the synergy of cutting-edge technology and robust craftsmanship that sets our machinery apart. Delve into detailed product overviews, unique features, and customer testimonials right here. Trust VLB Group to reshape your production standards, offering precision that stands the test of time. Navigate, compare, and choose the best in section bending.

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VLB profile rollers offer endless possibilities for bending profiles and pipes, regardless of the dimensions. Materials are constantly evolving in terms of mechanical properties and profile shapes, and designers and architects are pushing the boundaries with innovative shapes and geometries. VLB's R&D department applies its knowledge to develop solutions that exceed the expectations of complex bending work. The VLB range of bending machines is suitable for bending large pipe diameters and profiles up to IPE1000.

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