Rotary Draw Benders

Rotary Draw Benders

The VLB mandrel bending machines are developed and produced to the highest standards and equipped with the highest quality components. They are safe and easy to operate and easy to program with a touchscreen. The NC controller makes it possible to manually program and bend up to 10 bends. These machines are easy to move because they are standard equipped with transport wheels. The ML bending machine can also be moved with a crane using lifting eyes.

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Rotary Draw NC Bender Rotary draw NC Benders are tube bending machines that are specifically designed for rotary draw bending. Rotary draw bending is a process that uses a rotary drawing process and NC technology to produce precise and repeatable bending results for a wide variety of tube materials and applications

To use the Rotary Draw NC Bender, one needs to follow the rotary draw method, which involves pulling the tube around the stationary bend die. The bending process can be handled with precision through this method. Its usefulness is particularly evident in tasks that necessitate tight tolerances and intricate patterns.

Rotary Draw NC Bender from Tube Form Solutions can work with steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Its versatility allows it to be used in a variety of industries and applications.

Our Rotary draw NC Bender can bend tubes of any size and shape. The versatile nature of the machine allows for flexible bending configurations to suit the requirements of various applications.

Rotary Draw NC Benders are widely used in industries like Automotive, Aeronautics, Furniture, and Architectural. Rotary draw NC Benders are highly sought after due to their ability to bend accurately in a variety of industries.

Check out the specifications on our product page or get in touch with our team for in-depth details on the machine's ability to bend. The Rotary Draw NC Bender is engineered to manage various sizes and thicknesses of tubes.

 Rotary Draw NC Bender Rotary draw NC Bender can be used in high-volume production environments. Rotary draw technology combined with Numerical Control provides repeatable and efficient bending. Rotary draw NC bender can be used in small-volume and large-volume production.

The Rotary draw NC Bender is able to handle intricate bending configurations with great accuracy. Thanks to its NC technology, it can be programmatically and repetitively bent, ensuring uniformity in complex shapes and configurations

What training is provided for operators using the Rotary Draw NC Bender? 

We provide thorough instruction for operators to guarantee their expertise in coding and managing the Rotary Draw NC Bender. Our skilled group is dedicated to preparing operators with the necessary abilities for peak efficiency.

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