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SOCO Machinery's Legacy of Innovation and Qu​ality 

Established in 1979, SOCO stands as the global frontrunner in manufacturing machinery for the tube, pipe and solid bar sectors. Our diverse range of products encompasses CNC tube benders, NC tube benders, double-headed tube benders, and beyond. Powered by a dynamic research and development team, we leverage advanced 3D design technologies to streamline our innovation process. Our commitment to precision is evident as we deploy CNC machining centers and computer lathes to craft clamping jaws and bending molds. Upon final assembly, we subject our products to stringent quality checks to uphold our standards. Additionally, we maintain a comprehensive digital record of our clientele to enhance post-purchase services. Our dedication to quality has earned us numerous accolades and certifications. With manufacturing hubs worldwide and a network of over 40 dedicated agents spread across continents, SOCO remains committed to pushing boundaries, backed by the unwavering trust of our clientele and associates.

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