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What we do

2B Series Tube Benders
We know your tube bender is an important part of your manufacturing process. Our Service and Parts Departments are dedicated to maintaining the reliability and precision bending and end forming you have come to know from Tube Form Solutions.
Auto Series Tube Benders

We offer cnc tube benders for manufacturers building products such as hydraulic lines, exhaust systems, seat frames, brake and fuel lines, structural components, water lines, and more.

Tube End Formers, Tube Notching Equipment, and Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Systems provide full lifecycle tube fabrication capability.

5B Series Tube Bender
From bend dies to clamp dies and pressure dies, all are custom designed to meet your specific needs. Mandrels, wiper dies, inserts and holders are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the longest life and performance consistency possible.

"As a production worker at (a major automotive supplier), I would like to thank you for sending us Kyle Eagle. His knowledge of the CNC Bend Machine is very impressive. He is also very patient with regards to training folks that never worked with such a mechine before. As far as I'm concerned, and my fellow workers agree, any future customer that purchases one of these machines, should consider themselves lucky, if they have Kyle there to instruct them on how to use it. Thank you."

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Laser Cutting Pipe

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How to Buy CNC Tube Benders

Purchasing a CNC tube bender is a big decision that’s going to take some research and planning. The supplier or manufacturer that you work with will ...

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