Electric CNC Tube Benders

Electric CNC Tube Benders

The power of advanced technology with our line of machinery that promises accuracy, consistency, and reduced carbon footprint. Vlb Group's all-electric CNC tube benders are tailored for the modern manufacturer who prioritizes both quality and sustainability. Dive into detailed product specs, insightful customer reviews, and compare top models right here. Lead the curve, choose eco-efficient machinery, and redefine your production standards with Vlb Group.

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The EB-CNC series electric VLB bending machines are equipped with the latest Electric Motion technology. With up to 9 fully electric drive axis, pipes with a diameter of 6 to 150 mm can be bent. Equipped with a Booster system, it is possible to achieve radii up to 1D with reduced marks in the inner bend. The drives on all axes are optimized to reduce energy consumption and increase speed, making these machines ideal for high-volume production batches that require high consistency.

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