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Discover unparalleled precision with VLB Group's premium tube end formers, where engineering excellence meets impeccable craftsmanship. Built for industries demanding the highest standards, our precision tube end formers guarantee consistent, flawless results tailored to your specific needs. Dive deep into the VLB Group difference through our detailed product listings, innovative features, and genuine customer feedback. Optimize your production process and achieve perfect finishes every time with our state-of-the-art machinery. Navigate your journey to precision with VLB Group – where every tube end is a testament to unmatched quality. Explore and invest today.

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VLB's EF series end prep machines are fast, accurate, and very versatile. They enable the end forming of pipes with high complexity, high deformation levels, and high repeatability. The sequence of tools and their linear positioning is driven by a servo motor and controlled by an easy-to-program numerical command, which guarantees movement speed and enormous precision. Our tube-end forming machines can be equipped with up to 6 forming stations, including rotary stations for specific tasks and special jobs.


In addition to the technical possibilities, the EF tube end forming machines have also been developed with an eye on the use of operation and maintenance of the machines.

The design is compact and all components are in the design for easy access. The safety panels act as doors that release the entire front of the machine for intervention when opened.

There are no moving parts that cause high friction. All components are of high quality and have high-performance linear guides. This means that the cycle time, electricity consumption, and the need and cost of maintenance can be significantly lower.

Tube End Forming

The powerful control of the EF pipe end machining is easily programmable via the touchscreen. The software is very intuitive, easy to program, and fully developed by our IT department to the same consistency as all other software. From the operator's viewpoint, this facilitates the communication of instructions in a pleasant and logical way.

For example, sequences and parameters for each operation can be easily modified and saved for future use. The software also allows easy integration with tube loading and unloading systems and other production cells, such as bending machines. 

Tube End Forming


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