Electric Rotating Head Benders

Electric Rotating Head Benders

The future with Vlb Group's all-electric CNC rotating head tube benders, a fusion of innovation and sustainability. Engineered for unparalleled precision, our rotating head design ensures optimal bending angles and flawless finishes every time. Dive into Vlb Group's commitment to green manufacturing as our all-electric machinery significantly reduces energy consumption while delivering peak performance. Detailed product specifications, compelling user testimonials, and a seamless shopping experience await you. Choose Vlb Group for a sustainable twist to advanced tube bending, and transform your production efficiency. Explore, engage, and excel with Vlb Group today

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VLB's fully electric EB-RH series bending machines, with rotating heads, contain the most advanced Electric Motion technology on the market with 11 fully electric drive shafts. The bending head moves 360º on a radial axis and on horizontal and vertical axes. This system offers complete freedom of movement and allows the production of very complex parts in an automatic bending cycle. This range of machines is capable of bending pipes and profiles from 6 to 53 mm with even radii up to 1D with minimal marking when equipped with the booster system.

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