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Material cutting is one of the most crucial phases in fabrication & manufacturing industry. If the right tooling is not selected, it’s next to impossible to meet the benchmarked level of accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. Besides, an improper tooling combination often leads to wastage of the raw materials and hence, cannot be considered as a sustainable approach. Keeping all these concerns in mind, we at Tube Form Solutions bring to you an exclusive collection of tube saws for cutting different forms of materials in fabrication and manufacturing industry.

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Tube Saw: The Fast-paced Material Cutter

A tube saw is a special form of tube and pipe cutter that allows professionals to make vertical cuts along the cross-sectional part of the workpiece. The serrated blades of the saw generate a clean and sharp cut on the tube or pipe, regardless of the material chosen. Hence, the end products generated from the process can be easily used in different industry purposes, like aerospace, automobile, HVAC, and many more. 

 We at Tube Form Solutions stocks quality tube saw from leading brands. Our inventory of tube saw ensures you have access to the best tools for precise and efficient cutting in your projects.

Tube saw material cutter

Working Principle of Tube Saws

The tube saw is used in cutting pipes and tubes of varying diameters, lengths, and material thicknesses. It can be deployed to perform the operations in two ways, depending on the external and internal project variables and the end results. At Tube Form Solutions, we have tube saws that can be used for both bandsaw and circular cold sawing techniques with ease.

Bandsaw Cutting 

In this process, the workpiece is placed between the grip jaws while the serrated blade of the saw moves in a looping motion to create an accurate and precise cut along the outer edge. Thanks to the adjustable wheel system, the cutting speed can be easily controlled, ensuring limited material damage and perfect cuts.

Circular Cold Saw Cutting

While creating the cuts at right angle or any preset angle, the heat generated is transferred to the chips. That’s why the thermal damage to the workpiece while using the tube saw is significantly reduced, ensuring no structural deformity or material damage.

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Top Features of Tube Saws

 Inner Cutting Jaws

The Tube Saw comes with a special set of inner cutting jaws that will create precise and uniform cuts along the internal surface of the workpiece. This way not only the surface defects can be prevented from being created but also the workpiece won’t have to suffer from structural deformities.

 Enhanced Cutting Accuracy

Most manufacturers want a tube saw that will have excellent accuracy and precision in creating the cuts. Our tube saws can easily adjust the position of the serrated blade against the material’s surface to get the perfect and clean cut. 

 Optimal Speed Regulation

Speed regulation feature in tube saw ensures that the operator can control the rpm speeds of the cutting blade with ease. Several cutting operations require the blade to move at a much lower speed and certain require variable speed. Adjusting the rotational velocity of the saw is now made much easier.

 Uniform & Clean Cuts

Tube saws create a uniform, clean cuts along the workpiece diameter without surface defects like wrinkles or bumps. The circular blade's looping motion ensures clean cuts, unlike the to-and-fro motion of linear or horizontal cutters.​

 Adjustable Workbench

Mechanical features in the tube saw will allow the operator to adjust the workbench according to the exact requirements. It makes loading and unloading of the workpiece much easier and ensures the cuts generated are clean, precise, and uniform.

Tube Form Solutions: The One-stop Destination for Every Tube & Pipe Manufacturer

If you are struggling with pipe and tube cutting using regular cutters, it’s time to upgrade the equipment. At Tube Form Solutions, we bring to you an exclusive line of tube saws from leading brands, known for their higher cutting accuracy and quality operations. 

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