Why Cobots and TFS?

A collaborative robot (cobot) is often used to work with machines and eliminate the need for highly-trained people to do repetitive work. Cobots free up employees’ time that can be used to add value in other areas of your operation such as setup, programming, or inspection.

jaka-zu3-300x200Cobots are:

  • High ROI
  • Safe
  • Easier to deploy
  • Require less space

High ROI

Depending on your product volume, employment level, and the number of shifts the payback for cobots varies. Cobots show a positive ROI in less time than many other robotic technologies and we have seen ROI in less than six months in some cases. Output becomes more consistent and in many cases increases.

Factor in the high cost of finding employees today along with the skills gap of many applicants and cobots deliver an even higher ROI.

Plus, highly repetitive jobs are not good jobs. Cobots create a more interesting environment for your team to grow and develop their skills within.


Cobots handle the highly-repetitive and often dangerous jobs your employees must do now. If a cobot encounters a person, advanced technology limits the forces imparted during any potential contact. Cobots are programmed to operate in reduced mode when a person enters the cobot’s area and to resume production speed when the person leaves.

Reducing injuries and the potential for injuries drives higher ROI as well as contributes to a positive culture and healthy workplace.

Easier To Deploy

Most cobot integration requires only a few days to set up, train your team, run pilot tests, and become operational.

RG2-300x300Require Less Space

Cobots are lightweight, space-saving, and very easy to re-deploy to multiple applications without changing where your core equipment is currently located. Moving the cobot to a new production process is fast and easy. Cobots give you the ability to automate small-run production with regular line changeovers.

Why Cobots And TFS?

Tube Form Solutions has developed new and improved designs of machinery and tooling across a wide range of customers and industries. Our cobot concepts and designs are derived from our passion to be innovative and our customers need to have cost-effective and reliable integrated solutions to their production needs. Our experience leads us to the best and most efficient cobot and production setup.

Tube Form Solutions has added the staff with the experience required to continue the production environment and innovative designs our customers and markets desire.

Our goal is to use cobots to provide automation solutions that give our customers high ROI, low downtime, and a partner that will support them every step of the way.

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