Mandrel Tube Bender Tooling

There are 5 main pieces of mandrel tube bender tooling needed to perform precise bends with a mandrel tube bender; a mandrel, bend die, wiper die, clamp die, and pressure die.

Mandrel Assembly

Wiper Die

A wiper die is only used when the tube that is being bent has a high resistance to compression. The main purpose of the wiper die is to prevent wrinkling along the bend.

Clamp Die

The purpose of the clamp die is to clamp the tubing material against the bend die as it rotates to form the bend.

Pressure Die

A pressure die holds the tube against the bend die under constant pressure at a tangent and follows the tube through the bend. The follower type of pressure travels forward during the bending process, and almost all modern rotary draw bending machines are equipped with this type of pressure.

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