Tube Bending Formulas

Utilizing the right tube bending formulas can make the difference between a successful bend and a bend with fatal flaws.

We previously shared the Section Modulus Calculator with our readers, but you may not have realized we also have a guide for some of the most common tube bending formulas.

tube_bending_radius.jpgSection Modulus Calculator and Tube Bending Formulas Guide in One Download

The Section Modulus Calculator calculates the section area moment of inertia properties of common shapes like square, round, half rounds, triangles, and others.

However, this download is also the Tube Bending Formulas guide.

What is in the Tube Bending Formulas Guide?

This guide provides formulas for some of the most common tube bending calculations. Some of the formulas include:

  • Tube inside diameter
  • Wall factor
  • Mandrel nose radius
  • Clamp length

As well as both the general bend difficulty rating formula and the bend difficulty rating formula with recommended weighting!

Both of these downloads are free and only require filling out a brief form. Click here or follow the link below to download the updated Tube Section Modulus Calculator and Tube Bending Formula guide.

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