3 Reasons for Using Tube Forming Fixtures

During the tube fabrication process it can sometimes be necessary to make use of tube forming fixtures to locate bent tube parts. There are a number of reasons tube forming fixtures might be necessary.tube-header.png

Reasons for Using Tube Forming Fixtures

One of the best reasons for using tube forming fixtures is to ensure consistent part placement. The consistency of part placement is key for a stable process with high repeatability in an automated or operator dependent environment. Another advantage of consistent part placement is a decrease in the amount of scrap, reducing material cost and wastage.

Simplify the specification process with the Checklist for Tube Bender Tooling Specs.

While consistent part placement is commonly sighted, there are other reasons for making use of tube forming fixtures. For applications where the tolerances are tight/small, part location is critical to the success of the bend and fixtures help reduce variation. Another common reason is the difficulty of locating a part correctly in the tooling. Tube forming fixtures greatly assist in location of parts.

Tube Forming Fixture Options

Tube forming fixtures need to perform is a variety of situations. Which is why we design and manufacture tube fixtures that are either machine or tooling mounted. This gives us the flexibility to meet most fixture needs and allows our customers to find the tube fixture solution that best fits their application.

Often tube forming fixtures will also require adjustment, so it is important that they be easy to load and unload from the machine. The tube fixtures that we design are light weight to facilitate adjustments and installation.

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