Tube Form Solutions: Providing Solutions

Why tube form soutions

tube_end_formingTube Form Solutions is an industry leading tube bending and end forming company. We began as Universal Tooling Corp in 1991. In 2006 we merged with Eaton Leonard Tooling, which allowed us to grow and expand our business. It wasn't until 2013, when we merged with Midwest Bender Service, that we changed our name to Tube Form Solutions, LLC.

Tube Form Solutions, from its inception, has been dedicated to providing exceptional, innovative products, technical support, and customer service to empowering the people who design. Our focus is helping our customers realize their ideas by providing solutions, not just CNC tube benders. Which is why we seek to comprehensively understand the fundamentals of our client's requirements.

trainingAs part of our effort to empower the designers, we train our customers with a mixture of classroom and lab settings. Our Tool School and hands on training, often using the customers own part shapes, prepares our customers to truly succeed.

Check out our Introductory Guide to Rotary Draw Bending Tooling to see an example of how we are trying to educate and help our market solve their most difficult design and manafuacturing issues.

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