SR Series Small Radius Booster Benders

Complete line of booster benders for the automotive industry. This line of booster benders fulfills all needs for the manufacturing of exhaust and tubular systems for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses.

  • Ability to make 1D Bending plus Draw Bending in the same machine
  • Electric Servo Bending or Hyrdraulic Servo Bending
  • Standard with 4 – 7 servo controlled axis
  • May use from 1 – 6 bending stacks, applicable for complex bend-in-bend parts
  • On electric benders, uses SOCO DGT (Direct Gear Transmission) system for maximum bending efficiency and precision
  • May use stackable, multiple pressure dies (4 – 7 axis models)
  • May program up to 4 different parts for Bending plus cutting on the same tube
  • Built-in internet connection and self-diagnostics
  • May be connected to SOCO Automatic Loading and Unloading Systems
  • 2C – DBS Cutting System (Double Blade Shearing) – (optional)
  • May use Internal or External collet system (optional)
  • IB – Interference Zone Booster for short pieces (optional)


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