TFS-150 Multi-Strike Ram End Forming Machine

Designed to be a complete ram forming solution, the 150 Multi-Strike can accommodate a minimum tube size of OD 1” with a maximum of OD 6”.

Weighing in at 5500 lbs, this machine is a heavy-duty solution running a voltage of 240/480 VAC 3 phase. This machine makes extreme tube end expansions possible because you can form the tube in incremental steps and avoid splitting the material. A four-post design delivers rock-solid clamping. It distributes the clamping force more evenly which eliminates part slippage during the forming process.

  • Minimum tube size of OD 1” with a maximum of OD 6”
  • Handles two parts at the same time.
  • Ideal for tube flares and large expansion end forming
Model Number 150 MULTI STRIKE
Model Weight (lbs.) 5500
Model Dimensions (ft.) Coming Soon



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