Auto Series CNC Tube Bender

Auto series CNC tube bender comes equipped with three programmable electric axis and NC hydraulic bending.

  • CNC bending machine with capacities from 10mm – 90mm OD
  • Fully Automatic   (Automatic mandrel lubricating system is optional)
  • Equipped with 3 programmable axis:  Feeding – Electric Servo; Rotation – Electric Servo; and Bending – Hydraulic (NC)
  • Standard with hydraulic pressure die assist and equipped with wiper; clamping and pressure die seats
  • Programmable early mandrel extraction system
  • Touch screen system and mobile control plus data storage and editing for multiple files
  • Quick tool change system
  • NC programmable hydraulic bending precision up to +/- 0.2◦
  • Automatic spring back compensation
  • Data input by XYZ or YBC coordinates
Model Number SB-39 Auto SB-63 Auto SB-90 Auto
Model Weight (lbs.) 3968 5511 7716
Model Dimensions (ft.) 11.5 x 4 x 4 14.3 x 4 x 4 20 x 6 x 5
Mild Steel (mm) (clr 1.5D) Ø38.1 x 2.0t Ø63.5 x 2.5t Ø88.9 x 2.3t
Stainless Steel (mm) (clr 1.5D) Ø38.0 x 1.4t Ø63.5 x 1.6t Ø88.9 x 1.5t
Max Feeding Stroke 1800 mm 2030 mm 2350 mm
Max Tube Length with Mandrel 2650 mm 3200 mm 3800 mm
Max Bending Radius 200 mm 250 mm 250 mm
Bending Accuracy +/-0.2 mm +/-0.2 mm +/-0.2 mm
Rotation Accuracy +/-0.15° +/-0.15° +/-0.15°
Feeding Accuracy +/-.25 mm +/-.25 mm +/-.25 mm


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