SLT-152 Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

SOCO’s introduces its newest generation in tubes and profiles processing technology, the Fiber Laser Tube Cutting System. With over 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing experience in tube cutting technology, SOCO builds specialized solutions for the Tube and Pipe industries, and the new Laser Tube Cutting Line is the ultimate solution for joining multiple machining processes in one system for maximum flexibility, automation, and performance.

  • Capacity up to O.D. 152 mm
  • Cutting Lengths up to 2000mm or 3000mm (longer lengths by request)
  • Wall thickness from 0.6 – 6.0mm (Mild Steel)
  • Automatic Bundle Loading System with Material Alignment
  • Automatic Unloading System with Conveyor
  • Equipped with 1.0 kW (Standard) or 2.0 kW (Optional) Laser Resonator
  • Multi-Axis CNC Controls with Touch Screen Interface
  • SOCO CAD-CAM system for Tubes and Profiles with built-in Nesting
  • SOCO i2 ( Intelligent interface) 3D operation software
  • Cutting for round, square, rectangle and various profile shapes
  • Enclosed Workstation for maximum safety
  • Automatic Distance Control
  • Laser Resonator Cooling and Fume extraction systems
  • Automatic Compensation after measuring of material
  • Seam Detection before laser cutting ( Optional )
  • Mandrel for spatter extraction ( Optional )
  • >Feeding & unloading length detection ( Optional )
  • Automatic Laser Cutting Path Planning ( Optional )
  • Round Tube: O.D.20 – 152
  • Square Tube: 20 x 20 – 120 x 120
  • Rectangular Tube: 20 x 20 and Max.O.D.150
  • Oval Tubes
  • L-shaped and C-shaped profiles
  • Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum materials
  1. Automatic Tube Bundle Loading
  2. Automatic Material Alignment
  3. Automatic Feeding and Rotation
  4. Fiber Laser Tube Cutting
  5. Unloading
Model Number SLT-152-FIBER
Rectangular Tube 20 x 20 – Max. Outer Circle O.D.150mm
Round Tube  O.D.20 – 150mm
Square Tube 20 x 20 – 120mm x 120mm



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