Automated Pipe and Tube chamfering machine 


Simultaneously Chamfer Both Ends Of A Tube As Well As Measure Their Lengths With Low Tolerances. 

Machine Features

  • Fully automatic chamfering and length measuring system with 2 types of loading magazine
    • Rack – sliding magazine (standard)
    • BTM - bundle loading magazine (optional)
  • External and internal chamfering facing with length measuring in one process for both sides of the tube, with optional radius (round) chamfering
  • NC Controls with Electric Servo Chamfering Feed (FM-60SS) or with optional motorized length adjusting (FM-76V)
  • Programmable Rejection Rates – operator may choose to stop machine after certain number of pieces (continuous or separate) that do not fall within the specified length tolerances
  • Suitable for Tube and Solid Bars and on materials of steel and stainless (with optional speed inverter)
  • Ability to inside and outside (I/O) Chamfer as deep as 15mm or angles as small as 15 degrees
  • The Gantry transport system on the FM-60SS and walking beam system on the FM-76V ensure that the work pieces are not damaged or scratched throughout the entire process
  • The machine bed’s heavy casting and head stock can absorb working vibrations, providing a continuous and stable operation

Machine Options

  • BTM - Bundle loading magazine
  • Speed Inverter
Model Number
Model Weight (lbs.)
Model Dimensions (ft.)
Working Length
Working Capacity
Mild Steel Tube
Mild Steel Solid Bar
Operating Inteface
Feeding Way (Chamfering)
Chamfering Tolerance (Length)
Bundle Loading Magazine
Length Measuring Tolerance
Pressurized Air
7 x 5 x 5.5
20 – 300

Ø12 – Ø60
Ø9 – Ø30 (***)
Touch Screen
Electric Servo Controlled Axis
0.05 – 0.1mm
#12)  Ø18 – Ø32
#13)  Ø24 – Ø46
#14)  Ø40 – Ø57
#15)  Ø50 – Ø85
6–8 kg/cm2
8 x 5 x 6
standard – 250 – 1000 (**)
extension - 250 – 2000 (**)
extension - 250 – 3000 (**)

Ø16 – Ø76
Ø16 – Ø30 (***)
Push Buttons/Digital Counter
Pneumatic (Hydraulic is optional)
#1)  Ø16 – Ø26
#2)  Ø18 – Ø32
#3)  Ø24 – Ø46
#4)  Ø40 – Ø57
#5)  Ø50 – Ø76
6–8 kg/cm2

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