MRV Series Hybrid Benders

Multi-tooling up to 6 tooling levels

Equipped with multi-tooling can up to 6 tooling levels. Designed for bending complex parts with “0” Straight clamping lengths, as well as both small and large bending radii, it satisfies even the most demanding applications for automotive, furniture, and healthcare, among other industries.

  • Equipped with DGT Technology
  • Rack pinion feeding
  • SOCO Proprietary Pipe Bending Operation Software
  • Multi-stacks for Draw and Roll (Large Radius) bending
  • Programmable Boosting Force for 1D Bending (*)
  • Ability to bend parts with “0” straight lengths
  • Programmable arc lengths for large radiuses
  • Roll Bending Springback compensation settings
  • Special bending compensation and data storage fields
  • Low noise level with highest transmission performance
  • 80mm and 90mm range may be equipped with SOCO DBS system ( 2C – Double Blades Shearing ) ( Optional )

(*) in accordance to material’s elongation ratio

Model Number SB-30X5A-MRV
Model Weight (lbs.) 3968 7716 12125
Model Dimensions (ft.) 13 x 3 x 4 15 x 4 x 4 17 x 5 x 5
Mild Steel Ø30 x 1.5t Ø38.1 x 3.2t Ø63.5 x 2.5t
Stainless Steel Ø25.4 x 1.2t Ø38.1 x 2.2t Ø63.5 x 2.0t
Max Tube Length w/ Mandrel 2670 mm 3850 mm 3700 mm
Max Draw Bend 120 mm 180 mm 250 mm
Max Bending Radius 30  mm 30 mm 30 mm
Model Number SB-80x8A-MRV
Model Weight (lbs.) 20944 23149
Model Dimensions (ft.) 23 x 7 x 6 23 x 7 x 6
Mild Steel Ø76.2 x 2.0t Ø88.9 x 2.5t
Stainless Steel Ø76.2 x 1.5t Ø88.9 x 1.6t
Max Tube Length w/ Mandrel 4600 mm 4600 mm
Max Draw Bend 250 mm 250 mm
Max Bending Radius 50 mm 80 mm


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