PT Series Wall Thinning Bender

This line of booster benders is used in the production of manifolds and converter inlet pipes within the automotive exhaust systems where the wall thinning ratio must be controlled to ensure that the tube can withstand high system pressure.

  • Capable of bending radiuses of 1xOD and controlling wall thinning during the process
  • All Electric Bender models available (12 Electric Axis)
  • Electric or Hydraulic Proportional Servo Bending
  • Boosting power from 3 tons – 22 tons
  • Enables wall thinning rate down to 15% – 20% in 1D Bending
  • On electric benders, this line uses SOCO DGT system (Direct Gear Transmission) for maximum bending efficiency and precision
  • Standard with 4 – 12 servo controlled axis
  • May use from 1 – 6 bending stacks for complex bend-in-bend parts
  • May use stackable, multiple pressure dies or single pressure die system (Patented 10 – 12 Axis model)
  • Short/last bend boosting system for parts that are bent close to the interference zones
  • Clutch (Automatic Transmission) Feeding System, enables shifting between high speed and high torque for highest bending efficiency
  • May program up to 4 different parts for bending + cutting (optional) on the same tube
  • May use Internal or External collet system (optional)
  • 2C – DBS Cutting System (Double Blades Shearing) for full automation and minimal cutting deformation as well as smallest cutting radius to minimize waste between bends (optional)
  • IB – Interference Zone Booster for short pieces (optional)
  • Bending plus cutting interface
  • Automatic Interference Zone Calculation
  • Automatic Tube Length Calculation
  • Automatic spring back compensation
  • Recapturing function for short lengths
  • Data entry for both XYZ and YBC coordinates
  • XY to YBC coordinates conversion
  • Arm Return programming mode
  • Arc Radius calculator for large radius bending
  • Carriage Booster settings page for 1`D Bending
  • Ability to use Positive and Gripper Mode Feeding in the same part
  • File management for parts and tooling
  • Data storage of files (2 million files, 50 bends per file) (*)
  • 3D display and rotation of parts
  • Mirroring and image reversal of parts
  • Elongation ration plus cycle time display for each bend
  • Windows 2000/XP platform
  • Self-diagnostics and error message display
  • Simultaneous opening of files (4 files at one time)
  • Programmable mandrel extraction and lubrication
  • Individually programmable axes
  • Multiple built-in action and bending sequences
  • Built-in internet connection for remote troubleshooting
  • SOCO Bending Interference and Collision Simulator – only on selected CNC bender models
  • Report system for production management
  • Reading AUTOCAD files (with Auto LISP)
  • Remote monitoring system of bending production


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