NC Series tube bender

NC Series Tube

The NC series tube bender is equipped with an NC control unit with touch screen interface. Its operation is easy-to-use with high bending accuracy. 

Auto Series Tube Bender

Auto Series CNC Tube Benders

The Auto series CNC tube bender comes equipped with three programmable electric axes and NC programmable hydraulic bending.


Double Head TB Series Tube Benders

Increase productivity with the TB series of compression tube benders that are able to make two bends on two pipes

5B Series Heavy Duty Tube Benders

Heavy Duty Series Tube Benders

Experience optimal tube bending power and accuracy for automotive, trucking, buses, boiler, ship building and other heavy industries.

A Series CNC Tube Benders

Hybrid A, V and MRV Series CNC Tube Benders

With three to four electric CNC axes, multiple bending stacks and the unique DGT technology, this line offers one of the highest performance solutions in the market.


All Electric Tube

Our all-electric tube benders are well suited to complex and demanding shapes and bends.


Heavy Duty CNC Booster Benders

These heavy duty CNC benders fulfill all needs for the manufacturing of exhaust and tubular systems for cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses.


Specialty CNC Tube Benders

These CNC benders are capable for bending tube for headrests, fuel rails, bag tubes, brake lines and more.

left and right cnc bender

All Electric Left and Right Tube Benders

Maximum flexibility and minimal interference. Suitable for complex parts and shapes such as automotive head rests, fuel lines, heating and cooling systems.

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