Tube Saws and Tube Cutting Machines

Explore our tube saws and tube cutting machines, including laser cutting machines.

​Automatic Dual Tube Cutting

The NC series tube bender is equipped with an NC control unit with touch screen interface. Its... 

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High-Tensile Steel Tube Cutting

Automatic machine that offers the longest saw blade life available.

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Manual Tube Cutting With The F/PV/AC Series

Sawing machines with mitre cutting and pneumatic and hydraulic operation.

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Non-Ferrous Tube And Bar Cutting

Incorporates the newest technology with unparalleled functions.

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Tube And Bar Saws – The FA Series

Learn about the three different lines of the FA Series for semi-automatic tube and bar cutting.

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SLT-102 Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Laser cutting line for tubes and profiles. Cutting capacity up to OD 102mm.

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SLT-152 Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

OD 152mm laser tube cutting machine, 3D and 6 axis

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SLT-Center Laser Cutting Machine

The SLT-Center is pallet/fixture fed and is for cutting preformed parts.

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SLT-Robocut Laser Cutting Machine

This laser is new offering from TFS and is capable of cutting preformed parts.

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Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

The new SOCO SLT-RoundCut-80 brings you the latest technology in tube cutting.

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