The right tube bender tooling makes all the difference to the success of any tube bending application.

tooling_dies.jpgIn an effort to meet as many needs as possible, we manufacture a wide range of precision tooling including:

  • Bend dies
  • Clamp dies
  • Pressure dies
  • Mandrels
  • Wiper dies
  • Inserts
  • Holders

Determining the correct tooling specifications in light of all of the options available can be difficult. Often the process of finding the right tooling requires a lot of information gathering, and it can be easy to overlook a necessary specification. We’ve put together a guide to help customers specify their tube bending tooling, collecting all the necessary information upfront.

The Guide to Specifying Tooling for a Tube Bender: Specification and Tooling Info Checklist is the perfect starting point for determining the specifications you need for your application!

The guide begins with 12 distinct specifications that are necessary for determining the correct tooling for a given application. This is followed by a more detailed look into tooling specifications and requirements. This guide is intended to help narrow down tooling needs and specifications so that the correcting tooling for a tube bender can be chosen.

Click here or follow the link below to download the free Guide to Specifying Tooling for a Tube Bender: Specification and Tooling Info Checklist.

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