5B Series CNC Tube Bender

The 5B Series CNC Tube Bender is a heavy duty tube bending solution.

These benders bring optimal tube bending power and accuracy solutions for trucking, automotive, buses, boiler shipbuilding and other heavy industries.

With 5 programmable axes and the ability to extend up to 127mm capacity, this CNC tube bender is an ideal solution for heavy applications. This tube bender has a wide range of options and standard features that help extend its range and capabilities, making heavy-duty applications easier and more cost-effective.

Featuring options like bending simulation and collision detection software, digital hydraulic temperature control, and the ability to connect to local area networks (LAN), the 5B Series is a versatile tube bending solution.

You can check out the 5B Series CNC Tube Bender and software in action below!


Other features of the 5B series include:

  • Individually controlled pressure die assists for each bending stock
  • Programmable 2-speed early mandrel extraction
  • Each axis may be individually programmed during arm return mode
  • Software with IPC and touchscreen
  • Built-in wiper die, pressure die and clamp die seats
  • High accuracy and repeatability (+/- 0.1mm and +/- 0.1deg for all axes)
  • Ability for 1D bending (*) and roll bending (**)
  • Single and multi-stack models
  • Standard and automatic mandrel lubrication system
  • Centralized greasing and lubrication system for all sliding areas

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Click here or follow the link below to download a free introduction to tube bending.

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