Automatic Tube Bending Machines

Automatic tube bending machines are ideal for increasing production volume while decreasing the time each piece takes to produce. Increasing efficiency and ROI aren't the only benefits of automating tube bending.

However, modern automatic tube benders also allow for precision bending and end forming, a process which is difficult and time-consuming to perform manually.

There are many types of automatic tube benders, each offering a range of features that can greatly impact the efficiency and capabilities of the machine. There are 7 main specifications that you should know before choosing a machine because they will greatly impact the type and model of machine that best fits your application.

automatic-tube-bender (1).jpg

  1. Tube OD
  2. Tube Wt
  3. Tightest bend radius
  4. How many bends in your part shapes
  5. Annual volume
  6. The most radius in a single part shape
  7. Material type

Armed with these 7 specifications, you can more confidently begin your search for the ideal bending machine. One option to consider is the Auto Series CNC tube bender. This automatic tube bending machine is designed to be a flexible solution able to satisfy most applications' needs.

This machine owes its flexibility to 3 programmable axes; an electric servo feeding and rotation axis and a hydraulic (NC) bending axis. This machine also offers hydraulic pressure die assist, clamping and pressure die seats, and an equipped wiper.

Let Us Help You Find the Right Bender

We can help you navigate the many automatic tube and pipe bending options available. Our engineers can match your applications needs to the right bender for the job!

Contact us at any time with any questions or comments you may have or to learn more about our complete line of pipe and tube benders. 

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