Automotive CNC Tube Bender Solutions

Automotive manufacturers rely on CNC tube bender solutions to meet the high volume demands of the automotive industry.

automotive.jpgSome of the most common applications for CNC tube benders are automotive in nature.

Automotive tube bending is primarily focused on bending solutions that create highly accurate, repeatable bends for high-volume applications. The need for high volume, repeatable solutions makes CNC tube benders ideal for automotive applications.

Common Automotive Applications

The automotive industry uses CNC tube bender solutions for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Fuel lines
  • Exhaust components
  • Interior components

Boost Bender

Booster Benders are ideal for the exhaust and tubular systems of cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses because they ensure accurate bending without breakage. Boost bending involves pushing material into the tools while the bend is being performed, allowing for repeatable precision bending.

The SR Series of CNC Booster Benders is a complete line of CNC tube bender solutions for the automotive industry. Capable of using 1-6 bending stacks, this line of benders is ideal for complex bend-in-bend parts like many of those found in the automotive industry.

You can see the PT Series Tube Bender in action below!



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