Booster Tube Bender: The SR Series

Tube bender for automotive industry

The SR Series Booster tube bender line is ideal for automotive industry manufacturing with the ability to handle complex bend-in-bend parts.

The SR Series Booster tube bender line is ideal for all manufacturing of exhaust and tubular systems for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses. This line comes standard with 4-7 servo controlled axis, built-in internet connection, and self- diagnostic abilities.


With electric servo bending and hydraulic servo bending options, as well as the ability to use 1-6 bending stacks, this is a versatile model of tube bender well suited to the complex bend-in-bend parts commonly found in exhaust systems.

The SR Series also offer a number of optional machine features, including:

  • 2C DBS Cutting System (Double Blade Shearing)
  • May use Internal or External collet system
  • IB Interference Zone Booster for short pieces

You can see the SR Series Booster Tube Bender in action below!

Contact us at any time with any questions or comments you may have or to learn more about the SR Series Booster Tube Bender line. Click here or follow the link below to download a free introduction to tube bending.

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