Booster Tube Bending Machine: The PT Series

It is not uncommon for automotive applications to require specific tooling for specific parts. Automotive exhaust systems are a good example of this. For instance, manifold and converter inlet pipes for automotive exhaust systems are frequently produced with specific machinery.


The PT Series Booster tube bending machine is ideal for this type of manifold and inlet pipe production because it allows for the wall thinning ratio to be precisely controlled. Wall thinning, in this case, needs to be controlled to ensure that the tube can withstand the high system pressure found in exhaust systems.

PT Series Booster tube bending machine in action below!

The PT Series is capable of bending radiuses of 1xOD and controlling the wall thinning during the process. The PT Series enables wall thinning rate down to 15% - 20% in 1D bending and offers short/last bend boosting system for parts that are bent close to the interference zones.

Contact us at any time to learn more about the PT Series Booster tube bending machine, or to discuss your specific tube and pipe bending application. To learn more about tube and pipe bending you can download our Tube Bending Guide . 

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