Right and Left Hand Tube Benders Meet Todays Manufacturing Challenges

Sharing our customer's success stories is one of our favorite things to do here on the Tube Form Solutions Blog. So we were thrilled to see an article in The Tube & Pipe Journal March edition about one of our customers.

tube-header.pngTwo Bending Processes, Two Directions, Four Tooling Sets, One Machine

Erin Lundin in Two Bending Processes, Two Directions, Four Tooling Sets, One Machine from the March edition of the Tube & Pipe Journal, explains that advancements in technology aren't just changing the way we listen to music or the cars we buy. Technological advancements in tube bending manufacturing equipment and software are also changing the ways we design and manufacturing parts.

When it comes to the tube bending industry that often means that customers want complicated bends that outstrip the capabilities of older machines. As customers design software advances, so to must the machines manufacturers use to create the complex products.

SB-30X5A-3S-U.jpgChanging Needs Mean New Machines

Superior Tube Products Inc, Davenport, Iowa, is a contract manufacturer that specializes in tubular parts, but was finding that their customers tube bending needs were exposing the limitations of their current machines.

Faced with a growing demand for parts that required multiple bends, Superior Tube Products Inc found that they were often having to use multiple sets of tooling for a single part. When even removing the part and changing the machine configuration wasn't enough to solve some bending puzzles, they decided to find a new machine.

Right and Left Hand CNC Tube Benders

Tube Products Inc found their solution in two Soco SB 32 0A 2Su CNC Right and Left Hand Benders. The tube benders allow them to mount both sets of tooling at the same time, allowing for both types of bends to be made without having to remove them from the machine and change tooling.

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