SOCO Tube Benders

SOCO manufacturers a full line of pipe and tube benders

A leader in the pipe and tube bending industry, SOCO manufacturers a full line of pipe and tube benders with a focus on precision, cutting edge technology. Tubes and pipes bent using SOCO equipment can be found in industries as diverse as aerospace and consumer goods.

SOCO-AUTO-series-pipe-bender.jpgTube and Pipe Applications

Tube and pipes, for many, bring to mind plumbing. However, tube and pipe are all around us in our everyday lives. You can find tubes and pipes in our cars and trucks, household items like furniture, athletic equipment like bicycles. In other words, there are a lot more uses for tubes and pipes than most people imagine.

Many of those tubes and pipes were manufacturer using a tube and pipe bending machine. And, as you can imagine, the vast array of tube and pipe applications means there are many tube bending equipment options.

A Full Range of Solutions

SOCO tube benders and SOCO pipe benders come with many options to meet the wide variety of bending needs.

From equipment like the SOCO Heavy Duty Series (which features the optimal in power and accuracy designed to bend heavy duty tubes and pipes for heavy industry) to Specialty options (designed for bending small radius fuel and brake lines) SOCO offers a wide range of bending solutions.

Check out the heavy duty 2B Series and specialty SB Oil Tube Bender in action below!

2B Series 

SB Oil Tube Bender 

Let Us Help You Find the Right Bender

We can help you navigate the many SOCO tube and pipe bending options available. Our engineers can match your applications needs to the right bender for the job!

Contact us at any time with any questions or comments you may have or to learn more about the complete line of SOCO pipe and tube benders. Click here or follow the link below to download a free introduction to tube bending.

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