Tube Chamfering Machines

Tubes are typically chamfered to prepare the ends for welding. Sometimes, however, the process is done to deburr the ends, making them more aesthetically pleasing and safer to handle.

Unlike other types of end forming, like flaring or expanding, most often, chamfering must be done on a specific tube chamfering machine.

chamfering_tube_samples.jpgTube Chamfering Machines

Several factors can influence your tube chamfering machine choice. We, for instance, offer five distinct models of tube chamfering machines that all serve different specifications and needs.

One specification that can greatly impact your machine choice is tube length. Both long and short tubes will often require specifically designed machines, for instance.

Another consideration is whether or not you will be chamfering any solid bars or non-round tubes. Some tube chamfering machines can accommodate solid bars or non-round shapes, but some cannot. It is important to determine if either of these features is important for your application's specifications.

Need help determining which end forming tools are right for your application? Tube End Forming Explained is an engineer's guide to end forming tube and tube end forming!

Something else to be aware of is the chamfering that can be accomplished on a given machine.

All but one of our machine options, for instance, can do both external and internal chamfering with optional radius (round) chamfering.  

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