Tube Form Solutions Announces Release of the TFS-150 Rotary Ram Former

nibbler-end-forming-marman-beads.jpgThis machine is designed specifically to form what's called a Marman bead shape on the end of a metal tube. A Marman Bead is designed so that one side, the male form, and the female form, with a bead formed on the end, are joined by a clamp that pulls these separate parts together. Thus creating a very tight seal that meets heavy truck and other industry leak test specifications. These Marman bead forms are used to connect exhaust tubing and other pipe segments.

The difference between this machine and the competition:

1. It forms the complete bead without a secondary operation to close the end
2. Higher accuracy on small forms
3. Capable of tube diameters down to 2”. (existing machines can only form a smallest diameter of 3”)
4. All electric design saves energy over hydraulic powered machines
5. Low machine noise (very low decibels during operation) protecting workers hearing
6. No oil is used so it is more sustainable
7. Easier to cool
8. Higher speed operation

Traditional segmented tools limited our ability to create Marman beads on small diameter tubes. The TFS Segmented Tool RF Ram Former system gathers up the material without thinning the tube wall material, solving the main issue with traditional end formers.

The new TFS Segmented Tool RF Ram Former has versatile CNC controls, can be programmed, and can store programs for future use. It also allows for a variety of bead shapes including shallow beads, regular convention hose beads, and Marman Beads.

The benefit of a CNC controlled system is that it allows the end formers and fabricators to compensate for yield times. Rather than complicated testing, trial, and error the CNC adjusts for the yield and stretch rates of whatever material is programed for the run. This adjustment is critical with such a small working area. This new end forming machine's solution is to break the design process up into a series of operations moving the material a certain distance with segmented tools and then finish it with a rolling tool.

"Obviously, when you're doing extreme part shapes, like a Marman bead, you're going to want every advanced technology you can use. We added the very latest in mechanical components and control software to the TFS Segmented Tool RF Ram Former. In addition, precision tooling is at the heart of every tube fabrication process and at Tube Form Solutions, we understand the critical role quality end forming tooling plays in the process. That is why we make all of the TFS Segmented Tool RF Ram Former tool in house", says Mike Thomas, President, Tube Form Solutions.

About Tube Form Solutions

Tube Form Solutions (TFS) is a tube bending company dedicated to providing exceptional, innovative products, technical support, and customer service.

TFS does not just sell CNC Tube Benders; Tooling or Fixtures, we provide solutions for Tube Forming problems. Our customers get everything they need quickly and accurately for precise bending and end forming. TFS measures our success by ensuring our customers are successful. We offer CNC tube bending services and solutions for manufacturers building products such as hydraulic lines, exhaust systems, seat frames, brake and fuel lines, structural components, water lines, and more.

TFS's contact phone number is 574-266-5230 or you can contact us via our web site at

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