All Electric Left And Right Tube Benders

U Series SOCO Left and Right CNC Tube Bender

The U series SOCO CNC tube bender is equipped with left and right bending technology for maximum flexibility and minimal interference.

The “U type” pipe bender is especially suitable for complex parts and shapes, such as automotive headrests, fuel lines, and heating and cooling systems. This pipe bender is equipped with 7 electric CNC axes, 2 ~ 3 bending stacks, and uses SOCO’s unique DGT technology (Direct Gear Transmission).

  • Left and Right Tube Bending capabilities in the same cycle
  • DGT technology – Gear Transmission Bending for Highest Speed and Accuracy
  • Easy Programming – Setup a part in the same way as a single directional bend
  • Elongated bending neck for maximum working area
  • All Electric _ 7 Electric servo-controlled axes tube bender
  • 2 speeds + Early mandrel extraction
  • Automatic Groove Detection System for ensuring the tube in right direction before bending (Optional and Depend on )
  • Automatic mandrel lubrication
  • Touch Screen with IPC ( Industrial PC )
  • Multi-stacks and Multi-Radius Pipe Bending Machine
  • Independent pressure die system for each bending stack
  • Optional Automatic Loaders (AF) and Automatic Unloaders (AUL), and Punching after tube bending
  • Automatic Loaders
  • Groove and Seam Detectors
  • Automatic Un-loaders
Model Number SB-22x8A-MR-V-U SB-32x7A-2S-V-U
Model Weight (kg) 2500 3480 5700
Model Dimensions (cm.) 341 x 120 x 143 477 x 152  x 148 552 x 200 x 177


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