Portable Hexagon Absolute Arm

  • High-speed tube inspection
  • Closed-loop bender correction for setup and in process
    • Bend the first tube, measure it, send bend corrections to the bender
    • Automatically update the bender to correct for variations observed throughout the day
  • Import and extract tubes from CAD models
  • Reverse engineer tubes from master tube or from points taken in space
  • Easy to read Inspection reports
  • The new Absolute Arm is from 5 to 10% more accurate than the preceding generation.
  • All Absolute Arms are offered with ISO 10360-12 certification for tactile measurement. For the Compact arm, we also offer optional certification to ISO 10360-2.
  • For certifying system scanning accuracy, we offer ISO 10360-8 Annex D, so the accuracy of the complete system (arm with the scanner) can be certified.
  • The Compact arm is supplied at 2 accuracy levels:
    • 83 (green)
    • 85 (blue)
  • 6-axis and 7-axis Absolute Arms are all supplied at 3 accuracy levels:
    • Entry-level 83 (green)
    • General-purpose 85 (blue)
    • High Accuracy 87 (chrome)
  • For extending your measurement volume, GridLock and leap-frog kits are available and compatible with every Absolute Arm.
  • The New Absolute Arm is provided in 7 different arm lengths, ensuring we can find the model to suit your application and your measurement tolerances.
  • 90 different probe types are available for more complex measurements. They include probe tips of different diameters, extended probes for reaching into deep cavities, and hook probes for measuring parts that are not in your eye-line.
  • The 7-axis wrist is now completely modular, so it can be configured to your measurement needs:
    • The pistol grip can be removed, so you can touch probe and scan inside tight areas.
    • The scanner can also be removed (and replaced, without calibration) if you need to touch the probe inside really tight spaces.
    • With each 7-axis arm, 3 different pistol grips of different sizes are supplied, so operators can choose the one that works best for them.
  • A wide range of accessories is offered, for you to enhance the performance of your arm:
    • Mounting solutions including tripods, vacuum mounts, and bases.
    • Touch probes of varying lengths and lateral offsets.
    • Non-contact Tube Probes for measuring tubes, wires, and cables.
    • HP-L 8.9 laser scanner, compatible with the Absolute Arm 6 axis
    • HP-L 20.8 laser scanner, compatible with the Absolute Arm 7 axis

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