Notch Master 3000 and 6000 Tube and pipe Notcher machine


Designed To Be A Complete Self-Contained Pneumatic Unit For Notching And Hole Punching, The Notch Master 3000 And 6000 Both Feature Dual Notching Capabilities.

Machine Details

Notch Master 3000 is capable of handling material up to 3.25”x2mm/14Ga.

Notch Master 6000 is capable of handling material up to 6.00”x2mm/14Ga.  

Options available for both models include:

  • Dual notching
  • Notch location
  • Hole punch

Features of the Notch Master include:

  • Pop-off valve- high pressure relief and bleeding system of air prior to change-over
  • Air intake- ported for the in-house air pressure
  • Air pressure regulator- regulates the air pressure for the recommended PSI with minimum air pressure of 100 PSI
  • Air pressure adjustment- adjusts the amount of pressure delivered to the air cylinder
  • Bladder tank- stabilizes the air pressure delivered to the air cylinder during machine cycle
  • Foot pedal- dual feed/single trip system
  • Wheel lock- locks wheel in place and eliminates machine movement
  • Durable, non-marking wheels

Controller Details

  • Controller Features

Controller Options

  • options
Model Number
Model Weight (lbs.)
Model Dimensions (ft.)
Max Steel (mm) (clr 3.0D)
Max Tube Length
Bending Radius
Bends per Tube
Tube Notching Machine
16 x 4 x 4.7
Ø8 x 0.7t
15 – 35 (CLR)mm
49 bends
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