How to Use VTube-LASER to Setup a SOCO Tube Bender

Remember the open house we hosted in our new manufacturing facility? Well, in between socializing, we found some time to record a demo of the VTube-LASER software working with a Faro measuring arm and a SOCO tube bender.

Vtube-Laser Measuring system

300px-Faro_scanner_v6.pngIn the video below, you can watch as the VTube-LASER measuring system is used to set up a SOCO SB 19x3A-2S bender. The VTube-LASER software uses the Faro measuring arm to measure and send YBC corrections back to the controls via an Ethernet cable connection.

Using the IPC Microsoft Windows controls with the SOCO tube bender, you can connect to the measuring arms using the Supravision protocol.  

Click here for a detailed outline of the setup and operation of the VTube-LASER measuring system

Thanks to Michael Cone, creator of VTUBE software,  and Joseph Lin our SOCO tube bend programmer, for their efforts in testing the software communication, and links to make Vtube automatic bend corrections work seamlessly.

Check out the video below!



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