Tube Sawing Machines

Tube sawing machines can be found in a wide range of industries because sawing is one of the most versatile methods of tube cutting.

Tube Cutting

Tube sawing machines are used to cut tubing to a specific length. Saws can also be used to cut bundles of small tubes to varying lengths. When sawing tubing there are a number of common issues that can occur. Vibration, for example, is a consideration when sawing tubing. Vibration can be caused when sawing if the wrong type of saw blade is used or if too much movement is allowed, and can result in defect in the finished product.

Other common issues when using a tube sawing machine include tube distortion, burring, production slow down. These issues, however, can usually be easily avoided by using the correct type of tube sawing machine for the application.

For instance, our non-ferrous tube and bar sawing machines are designed for high precision, high speed cutting for mass production. With several features that control for these common problems, this series allows for precision cutting without sacrificing production speeds. In fact, this particular machine is specifically designed with a rigid structure to reduce vibration.

Our F/PV/AV Series tube saws are also designed with these issues is mind. For example, this series features a self-centering vise with two-sided clamping to hold the work piece. This ensures a smooth and burr free cutting surface.

Another option for cutting down on some of the most common problems is opting for a fulling automatic solution. With an automatic solution you can reduce the number of variables impacted by a human operator and, as long as the machine is set and used properly, avoid many issues. We even offer an automatic tube sawing machine that allows for dual tube cutting!

Another automatic option is our automatic high tensile steel tube cutting machines. These machines offer the highest blade life in high tensile applications, unparalleled performance, and speed. Equipped with a bundle loading magazine and with an output gate of 2, 3, or 4.5 meters, this machine offers the highest sawing output for high tensile, mild steel, and stainless steel tubes and pipes. 

Which type of tube sawing machine is best for a give application is often determined by the specific requirements. Some common consideration include the need for automation, the precision with which the cuts must be made, and the type of cut that is required.

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