Small Diameter Tube Bender Options

For some applications, especially those in the automotive industry, the diameter of the tube and pipe that needs to be bent necessitates a specialty small diameter tube bender. Let's look at the options for small diameter tube bending.

PT Series Wall Thinning Booster Bender

pt-series-wall-thinning-booster-benders.pngFor some small diameter tube bending applications the challenges of bending small diameter tubing are further complicated with the need to control wall thinning. This is most often the case with automotive applications like manifolds and converter inlet pipes found in the automotive exhaust system. These systems are high pressure systems and require any tubing used within them to be strictly controlled for wall thinning so that they can withstand the harsh demands of a high-pressure environment.

The PT Series Wall Thinning Booster Bender is capable of bending a radius of 1xOD while strictly controlling the wall thinning during the bending process.

SB-OIL Tube Master

sb-oil-master-card.jpgAnother application specific bender is the SB-OIL Tube Master line of brake line benders. This bender is specifically designed to bend the small tubing used for brake lines. A CNC solution with multiple electric axes and a unique design, this bender offers brake line bending applications the flexibility and power to bend complex shapes and parts.

MRV Series

The MRV Series of CNC tube benders is a more general bending machine. This series can be used to bend both large and small radii, and is designed specifically for bending complex parts with “0” straight clamping lengths.

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