Inline Flare and Ram Multi-Strike Tube End Forming Tooling Explained

We've talked before about the range of processes that fall under the heading "end forming" and we've begun to explore the various types of end forming available. Now we're going to turn our attention to two new types of end forming tooling; inline flare ram forming tooling and ram multi-strike tooling.

Inline Flare Ram Forming

inline-flare-end-forming.pngInline flare ram forming tooling typically utilizes a tool set of 3 rollers and vice jaws. This set up allows for tighter tolerances, and the rollers are specifically designed to make open flares correctly using standard shims. This type of tooling provides a high quality surface finish and is also available in compression and open flaring options for greater flexibility.

marmon-bead-end-forming.jpgRam Multi-Strike

This type of tooling can be used for flaring, beading, large expansions, and reductions. The big advantage of using ram multi-strike tooling is that it allows all of the forming to occur in the same machine. This is because the tooling indexes automatically provide a robust and repeatable process in one machine instead of several.

Ram multi-strike tooling gradually moves the material being formed. This gradual movement helps to prevent stresses that could crack or break the material.

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