New Enhancements made to BendPro CAD Interface Software

What's New

The BendPro software has recently been enhanced to allow quicker and easier conversions from CAD models to Supravision files. The software is now able to do this directly from the CAD interface screen. Users will no longer need to first save the models as a bender part file. This simplifies the process and allows for quicker conversions.

The BendPro software can convert CAD models to bender files for use on any bender control that supports the Supravision file format!

In addition, the latest version of the BendPro software allows bender part files to be exported or saved as STEP or IGES files. This feature gives CAD users the ability to work with bender part files.

Another recent enhancement to the BendPro software is the ability to automatically analyze more non-round tubes, holes, copped ends, and other entities that are often included in the CAD models.


The BendPro software can import tube geometries from virtually any CAD program including SolidWorks, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, Inventor, Catia, Pro-E, etc. This makes programming tube bender parts much easier and quicker while reducing data entry mistakes.

STEP or IGES files can be imported directly into the BendPro software and saved as bender parts or Supravision files. And now the BendPro software can export bender parts into CAD models!

About Tube Form Solutions

Tube Form Solutions is a major re-seller of the BendPro CNC Tube Bender Software and CNC bender controls. TFS uses BendPro for tube bender control system upgrades on used benders and also offers BendPro as an option on the new SOCO tube benders.

For additional information on the BendPro Tube Bending Software, please contact the TFS sales department.

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